Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Differentiate by leveraging built-in intelligence to deliver faster, more personalized service and add value to every customer interaction.

Excellent customer service creates happy customers - Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps you manage customer expectations and provides the necessary tools so your team can keep their customers happy. This level of support is especially important when something doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Personalize Service

Empower People

Unify Technology

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Overview

Personalize service

across channels with AI-enabled insights to proactively resolve problems and ensure peace of mind

Personalize Service 1

Empower customers to solve issues on their own or with the help of virtual agents to increase CSAT

Personalize Service 2

Deliver personalized, value-add experiences to create brand advocates

Personalize Service 3

Anticipate needs and avoid issues to build trust and earn lifetime customers

Empower people

with the right tools to intelligently handle routine requests and assist to resolve more complex issues

Intuitive agent experience speeds onboarding and avoids escalations

Dynamic guidance to the right action ensures quick and accurate resolution

The right resources and data from any source surfaced through AI and automation improves productivity

Unify technology

to simplify and humanize orchestrated experiences through a 360-degree view of customer journeys

Easily adapt to quickly changing demands to meet customer expectations

Deliver critical insights in real time to continuously improve processes and drive results

Create a customer service culture across the enterprise to differentiate your brand

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We help organizations plan, design and implement aligned business management solutions with an emphasis on return on investment, speed to delivery, staying within budget, improving business performance and ensuring proposed solutions fit your specific business processes.

CSP solves the challenges of having to deal with multiple vendors by offering a “one stop shop.” This allows organisations to partner with a single provider for all their cloud strategy; licensing, road-mapping, implementation, user productivity and enablement needs, security, and on-going managed services. We provide organisations with real-world cloud expertise; budgeting, architecting, and a mature road-mapping model giving our customers significant time and cost savings.

Our transformation vision and scoping offering begins with a series of strategic meetings between our team and key stakeholders within your organization. In these meetings, we discuss your organization goals, potential roadblocks that could impede these goals and how we can best achieve the defined organization goals through open communication with the output being a phased business transformation strategy outlining the key objectives and initiatives that would mean success for your business.

Our Project Advisory & Delivery Consulting offering helps you to develop efficient approaches to project initiation, execution and control to achieve desired project outcomes. We work with you to align project activity with your key business strategies, identify and manage risk, change and quality as a result of project activity ultimately to transform your business using market-leading cloud business solutions and delivery frameworks.

Every organization wants to be more effective and inspire its employees to work better together. To help them get there, we offer solutions for teamwork and real-time collaboration. But changing a work culture goes far beyond the effort required to deploy a new solution. We add value by helping employees understand the solution’s value, how to engage with it daily and use it to transform the way they work.

Any successful digital transformation has to take business intelligence and analytics into consideration as organizations are now increasingly harvesting a significant amount of disconnected data in the cloud but with the right solutions like Microsoft Power BI, that data can become a very powerful asset empowering you and your people with data visualizations that translate into actionable strategic insight

We are Microsoft Learning Partners  offering managed learning solutions and Microsoft Training courses with highly experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) accredited by Microsoft as premier technical and instructional experts training over 9,000 people worldwide in Microsoft Technologies and business applications.

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